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GEG paintball is a new team created in January of 2002 located in Buffalo NY/Amherst. We have 4 players on our team but use only our 3 main player in 3 man tournaments but are looking to go into some 4 man tournys or pick up another guy for 5 man tournys. Also geg paintball has its own feild. There are some pics on the photo page.

GEG paintball consist of 3 main players and two back ups that play in 5 man tournaments.

Main PLayers:
1. captain Chris Gronkowski
2. Co-captain Matt Eckel
3. Rob Gronkowski

1. Garrett F.

Chris- Grey fade Bob Long Intimidator w/ dye gas thru grip, benchmark drop forward, derlin bolt, cp 14" one peice barrel, low rise, 32 degrees gauges, 12 volt revolution and 68ci 3000psi fiber wrapped nitro duck tank.

Matt- Black smart parts Impulse w/vertical reg, derlin bolt, smart parts sticky grips, tapeworm, blade trigger, 12 volt revolution, 68ci 3000psi nitro duck fiber wrapped tank, strangler high/low rise and dropforward.

Rob- Rob just got a vertical autococker 2k2 with all these up grades: 12in tear drop barrel, Kapp red 3 way hoses, Kapp chrome drop zone 3, Red/Black Ball Detent, KAPP Red On/Off, and WGP Red Hinge Trigger. Nitro duck tuff skin tank and a 12v rev hopper.

Garrett- 2001 autococker w/ 32 degrees Carbon Fiber barrel, ans quickfire trigger frame, 88ci 3000psi pure energy nitro tank, 12 volt revolution, crome ball detent, and dropforward.

My Addresses: